Timmy Tiddler

Timmy is a bit of an enigma. He doesn’t know how old he is. He appears worldly wise and, certainly, he demonstrates intelligence and intellect in his every move, yet he comes across to us to be young at heart and indeed, of looks and character. He is a fun loving, energetic soul with a welcoming and warm heart. He wishes no harm or malice to anyone and will greet you with a cheeky and engaging grin.

He has a quick wit and an even faster sense of humour. He realised long ago that life is short for most of us and is what we make of it. He lives primarily for the moment, yet, he is able to plan easily, if needed, for the future. Timmy is a natural leader. A gifted and talented orator, although, by his own admission, he says he doesn’t have an Oxford education.

But don’t be deceived by his modesty, as he will be the first to play down any suggestion that he has an education or indeed, is any better or worse than those around him. He has done and seen many things in his charmed life, but would never brag or big note himself. He effortlessly touches, for the better, all those he comes into contact with.

He can easily blend in or if he so desires, stand out from the crowd. He prefers colourful, tailored attire, with a penchant for turquoise blues and yellow. He dislikes and has little tolerance for those who would do harm to others as his own moral compass strives to make things right in his world. And what a world that is. We join Timmy on a voyage of discovery and education, with loyal friends that will laugh, cry and wonder at the many and varied adventures they find themselves involved with.

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