About The Author/Illustrator

A Graphic Designer and illustrator with over 11 years experience in this industry has fine tuned skills and desire to generate detailed and moralistic artwork for children . I have worked at many and varied agencies, printing companies, video production houses and department stores in my early career. I have also worked as a freelance designer illustrator.

Other areas and mediums during my creative career have included working as a Commercial Artist on Christmas pageants and decorative windows for major corporate and departmental store groups. These three dimensional characters, sets and floats have incorporated full time year round employment in design, character creation, mechanics and colour rendering.

I have also had the opportunity to work as a sign and ticket writer for departmental chains and outdoor advertising companies. I still actively pursue freelance creative work. These current part time endeavours, along with my substantive profession has provided me with the inspiration to educate children with values and morals through the creative process and essentially the picture book.

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